Pigs like mushrooms?

Today my sweet loving Steve held my hand while I cautiously walked into the lake for my first time since surgery. And then he held me in his arms so I could float with ease (my core muscles are still healing from surgery). Sitting by the fresh, moving waters, the sun nourishes our skin and warms our soul.

Arriving home from the afternoon, I settle-down to rest and begin what seems to be a new favorite ritual- reading cards. Each one a special treat, a piece of personality from the sender shining through, bringing light to our home and lives. I shed a few tears because of the thoughtful and caring words. I laugh at the story from an old friend- who’s handwriting hasn’t changed since high school. I melt at the words of a famous poet, now shared upon me. I never want the pile of envelopes to end. But I rest, as tomorrow is another day, and it’s not a postal holiday or Sunday.

This one is simply too good to not share:



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