tomorrow begins the next 6 months

Tomorrow begins the next 6-months.

Obviously!! Tomorrow begins the next year, 10 years, 50 years and beyond, 100 years.

For last week I have been a leaf on a flower stalk.IMG_2211
The big deep green kind, like a sunflower leaf. The red kind, the ones with the bursts of yellow you see when the light is just right. The ones that send up a tall stalk and a single flower first, but then sprout multiple other flowers from the single stem.

The full moon gave me a spurt of growth, and the clear skies and hot days and slight breeze have kept me dancing freely. As tho no care or concern could hold me back. The sun soaking deep into my cells, deepening my green hue. The weather shifted Sunday and so did my anxiety. Stronger winds and darker clouds rolling by. A tease of what’s to come? Or perhaps that is all it will be. The storm Monday was strong. Almost blew the newest flower bud right off the stalk. Yet, the storm was quick. The hot sun burst through the dark sky just in time to give me warmth before setting for the night. There was a rainbow in the distance, thought I could not see it. And the night wind was restless.
Today, a seemingly epic game of cat and mouse. Sun, drizzle, clouds of cream puffs and of goth, rain, and now just wet drips. Will this be all?

I wait anxiously, my ear to the sky. My cells open. ready to receive the heat from the sun, the dance from the wind and life from the water.

And so, tomorrow just begins tomorrow. One hour, one minute at a time. 12 treatments. One surgery. The only thing we know for sure is the skies never remain the same.


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