night freedom

If, at night you’re in so much pain that you succumb to Percocet, try to awaken at the least sound at 4am. Open your eyes and feel your body within your skin.

Breathe in. Let it out.

Get out of bed and walk outside, into the cool, dark DSCN2357night. The new moon gifting this illuminated darkness for you. Let the dark encompass your being. Notice the freedom of your body.
You do not feel pain.
Look up and stretch high for the stars, because you’re so big you can almost touch them if you just try.

And then, slowly fold forward to touch the ground below your feet. Feel that your back, hips and hamstrings are alive.
Listen for the most distant sound your ears can find.

Breathe deeply in and send it back away
so it’s there for others,
and for you another day.

Slowly sip some water.
Soften your lips and jaw as you get back into bed.
Close your eyes knowing you are free.


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