i still do

IMG_2743One year ago our community of family and friends joined together on our land, to not only witness Steve and I committing certain and specific lifetime vows to each other; but we also asked you to be a participant in this commitment so we could learn from you. And knowing we could not do it alone. And you showed up.

You shared your presence; you blessed us – as individuals – through fire, smiles, love, stories and art. You wrapped each of us so softly, like mist on pasture on a summers’ morning, until we flowed into each other seamlessly just as rain settles on a pond. You brought a butter bar. Then, you allowed us to lead you, to our huppah/home, where you stood around us, hand in hand,

completing our Circle of Wholeness,

IMG_2791to watch and to listen to us commit to each other our promises.

A year ago, bees were buzzing, dogs were panting, gladiolus were bobbing in the breeze. At some moments it feels like so much is different. Yes, we have cancer now. The patterns of our days are different.

But actually, Nothing has changed. What is unknown still lies ahead – as it did then, as it does now. And what is known also lies ahead – as it did then, as it does now.
Our vows remain true. Stronger than ever.

And you – all of you present physically with us on that day, those of you who appear in a form we do not see, and the hundreds more of you who have joined hands in the circle. The Circle of Wholeness that surrounds us now- that holds us perfectly tenderly while the mist continues to rise and the sun warms our skin.

And so we share these vows now as we shared them then, for us all to speak aloud and feel deep within our hearts. We promise these commitments again to each other today.
And again, we ask that you share your strength so we may lead you to surround us. And that you keep a hold of the hand of the person next to you, so that our circle remains complete.

I commit to you:

A lifetime of love

Where we honor and celebrate each other’s gifts,
Speak our truth and listen to hear each other deeply,
And spend our days cultivating our land together,
Working hard and with purpose, while
Remembering to take time to explore the world,
Making space to play, laugh, and rest.

I commit to you:

A lifetime of support

Where we inspire and encourage each other
To always be growing and changing,
Ever becoming a better human on this earth.
To nurture a home and family together
And to walk in honor of those before us,
Following the footsteps of our parents and grandparents
Holding the union of marriage sacred each day.

Married kiss on head


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