Saturday morning pain levels brought Steve​ and me to the ER, which proved to be unhelpful and inconclusive and they always prick me in the arm! Worried caregivers (including a father who is a doctor) insist we should be able to get some clarity as my symptoms are not “typical of chemo” the doctors say. So amidst fatigue and dizziness, Vida and I were driven to my folks house in CT by my loving cousin Dan, and now am awaiting appointments with doctors in the area to hopefully find some light in this fog.

So sad to miss teaching and practicing at birthday week at the studio. Yet as we wait for the holiday weekend to end, gratefully Sunday brought energy and no pain. We kayaked, walked and ate by the water. I pray that pain free movement and aliveness are gifted to me again; as hot summer days, sand in the toes and water lapping on shins are sensuous to the soul.



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