Do not go to the depths of the hole where the waters are dark and cold. It is in this cave where sharks lurk and movement startles them to attack. Do not go here. It’s here you gasp for air and cannot reach it.

Your snorkel is full of water; your scuba tank has run dry.

Do not go the depths of the woods, where the trail appears to go in every direction; when you follow it, it is gone. Here you are lost, walking deeper into the thick thorny thicket.

Go to where the Great Blue Heron steps stealthily at the pond’s edge; where the fiery flame of the Oriole catches your eye and and the fresh air enlivens the hairs on your skin.

You must only allow yourself to go to this place,
where the golden sun shimmers across the landscape, where the sunflowers bob in the breeze and the stars expose the vastness of your being.

For it is only here that life lives.
Where you breathe deep and freely.

And rest in the wake of the world.


(Written in my mind while laying still in a chamber for 90-minutes for multiple  MRI’s.)


2 thoughts on “lessons from an MRI

  1. Beautifully written and such a beautiful never cease to amaze me Elizabeth…You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers…praying and hoping that you get good results from the MRI.


  2. i agree, this is so beautiful. you are an exquisite writer elizabeth. i came across this the other day, and thought of you- your strength, poise and perspective in the face of fear and uncertainty is awe-inspiring. an excerpt from zora neale hurston’s book “their eyes were watching god.” sending lots of love

    There are years that ask questions and years that answer,
    Years that fall apart and years that come together…
    There are years that cry and years that laugh,
    Years that wonder
    And years that strike and clap and thunder.
    . . .
    Your job isn’t to know — not right now, not quite yet.
    Your job is simply
    to breathe,
    to trust,
    to rest
    To know that it is all a part of the path —
    The mystery and the clarity
    The hardship and delight
    The darkness and the light alike.
    . . .
    Dear One,
    Haven’t you heard?
    “This place where you are right now
    God circled on a map for you.”


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