lucky primes

Some people believe in prime numbers. Others believe in odd numbers.33.333333~% is both.

On Friday I’ll be 33.333333~% done with chemo treatments.  A few caring people told me this fact today. No offense to these people, but this fact has little to no effect on my mental state.  I think knowing the # is bigger than 0, or 16.6666^~ is supposed to make me feel good; or hopeful? But this is just math. Divide 12 by 3. Prime number, even, negative number – how cares in relation to things like chemo? I have found this knowledge to have no effect on me and I wondered why. I think 50% will start effecting me emotionally; start showing me light. Or maybe my emotions are frozen within the cold neuropathy, which feels like pins and needles.

Remember, I mentioned the Chemo Suite needs a renovation.
It’s not the Chemo Spa” which is what it should be; what I envisioned when the oncologist explained,


“big windows, private room, soft chair, your own personal heater above your head, and Resource Center volunteers bring drinks a snacks”.  

Since you all can’t join me for the day, here’s what the day looks like.

-Drive 15 minutes from home. This is the sort of awful, trying to be lovely walk from the parking lot to the entranceIMG_2350IMG_2351-This is the terrible staircase that smells and seemslike you are entering a hurricane safe zone (maybe that’s a bonus free gift with the treatment!  The office actually has several “free – help yourself” baskets in the waiting rom, oddly enough.


-And this the terrible 1960’s hallway when the all too familiar chemo smell starts to lurk around the corners


-Luckily the room isn’t so bad; Though there’s no screen porch or windows that open ;-), there are big windows and I can see the lake if I stand on my tippy toes. 


-Then they “Access” me. Yep, feels just like a being robot. 6 hours of sitting, 5 different pre-meds and chemo meds, and then I go home connected to one of the chemo drugs for 46 hours.  And wait for symptoms.

And hope for none.



2 thoughts on “lucky primes

  1. Why oh why hasn’t someone already turned the chemo suite into the chemo spa???? I’m glad you are safe from hurricanes in there, and hoping, praying, asking….for no symptoms….and for you to blink your eyes and be at 0 more treatments…ever. ❤


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