transition exposes light and dark.

The sun transits across the equator and offers us balance for the day.
Those who dig their roots deeply learn to maintain this balance much longer.

The clearing fog of today reveals the intensity of yesterday’s storm.
It’s in the transition from dark to light and light to dark where microcosms of beauty are found, and where shadows hide.
This beauty only seen by those who hold light in their hearts. For others, shadows lurk; eager to pounce.

Transition is the golden streaks of the sky just before the sun sets;
an offer of momentary of reflection.

Transition is the monarch butterflies gracefully bounding through the flower garden;
an offer of ritual and dedication

Transition is the wuk wuk call of the Pileated Woodpeckers in a nearby snag;
an offer of perseverance

Transition exposes.

While some break through the dusk to reveal the shimmering light of the stars, for others there is only darkness in the night.

Though today’s sunshine reveals that yesterday was in shadow, your shadows do not trap me. I dance in this darkness. And in this dance, billions of stars twinkle, butterflies bounce and sun bursts through the clouds.



One thought on “transition

  1. Thanks for sharing the darkness (chemo days) as well as the light (you practicing yoga). The people who love you want to walk the whole journey with you, even though we cannot see exactly how it looks through your eyes. Sending you love and a huge hug.


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