magic doesn’t go away

What is all this magic that surrounds me?

The golden honey colored leaves.
My skin bakes in an Autumn sun, a sun seemingly more yellow than any other, shining thru the naked limbs of a Hawthorne.
The crisp wind crosses my body reminding me I am alive.
I lay, suspended in mid air, floating in this body, effortlessly.
Below me the leaves crinkle as my best friends adjust their napping positions.

In the distance the hammer clanks, the mower hums, and the ducks laugh.
Progress continues yet I have to rest.
For a moment I feel guilt. So much to tend to before the seasons change once again. The impending frost, the snow covered hills. They are on the horizon.

Yet, at this moment I open to the grace. To the magic. I am weightless. Though I am bound to this fighting body, I am free of all shackles, receptive to the lessons of this Mother Earth.


2 thoughts on “magic doesn’t go away

  1. I so love your imagery— your wonderful use of the English language — I feel you strength and optimism— continue to feel and look to your surroundings with such enourmous love and security!!!


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