all that is

Appreciating all that IS. I’m learning to know my body now, with scars and holes to remind me of the path which makes me True. I honor the life of the coral reefs that once was and that I witnessed on Monday is no longer. I mourn the losses. I question the destruction and yet, I must be grateful for what still swims and sways in the current. I mourn the death of 3 baby lambs on our farm. Two never witnessing this beautiful world, one undoubtedly feeling interspecies love and care for the few hours she was kept warm by a fire and bottle fed. Love persists. Nurture cannot be destroyed. The cycles of death always mean there is also life. The lapping of waves on the shore, the wind adjusting my hair – reminders that nothing is constant, nothing is permanent and all that is, is now. I close my eyes and breathe, feel, hear, see, smell. Witness. I am now. This is now. I do not need to change the beat of the waves or resist the direction of the wind. I open to the constant movement, to the unknown, to the lapping and the breeze and let them bask over me.


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